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Special Olympics

Dalton City/ Whitfield County Special Olympics is an organization that has been impacting the lives of children and adults with disabilities for the past 20 years.   What started out as a program serving less than 100 athletes now has 350 athletes, coaches and unified partners.   Dalton City/Whitfield county SO holds three local competitions and sends athletes to 5 different state events. 

This program has one local coordinator that organizes and implements all of the events, along with a volunteer coordinator who screens and organizes volunteers for the local events.  Dalton City/Whitfield County utilizes up to 250 volunteers at various competitions throughout the year.  These volunteers come from area high schools, local businesses, and civic clubs.  State competitors are trained by certified coaches, volunteers and unified partners.  Every competition and practice is run by a dedicated group whose one purpose is to give the athletes the best experience possible.

Dalton City/Whitfield County feel our greatest accomplishment has been the growth of our program and sense of self-esteem that our athletes feel when they have competed.  Dalton City was started to give local children, teenagers, and adults the opportunity to compete with independence in a sports environment when they would not otherwise be able compete.  Dalton City/Whitfield County’s goal is to make competition, teamwork, and independence a lifelong experience for the athlete, their families, and the whole community.