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Youth Track Meet

Boys and Girls Ages 7-14

Track Meet Important Dates and Times

Dalton High Track 

Registration ENDS April 13, 2018

Track Meet is April 21, 2018

Check-in (mandatory for all participants) is 9am through 9:45am

Events will start at 10:00am

All participants need to bring:

  1. Copy of Birth Certificate, Passport, or another government issued official document showing a birthdate.
  2. Bottle of water
  3. Wear tennis shoes for track, no spikes or hard soled shoes.
  4. Be dressed in appropriate clothing.
  5. A good attitude, ready to have fun.

After check-in all parents and guardians need to exit the track area.


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Track Meet Rules

The purpose of Dalton Parks and Recreation Spring Fling Track & Field Games is to promote physical fitness and participation for the youth of Dalton and Whitfield County. I must stress the importance of the basic philosophy of this program - to stimulate the participation of all eligible children. It is no way to be construed as an all-star program for chosen individuals.
Learning, participation, enjoyment and physical exercise are the main elements of this program. At all times we shall strive to maintain the conduct of this program at a very basic level for these children. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to stress participation at local park and recreation departments, schools and other community service organizations.
Through proper guidance and assistance, it is our firm belief and hope that we may positively shape the direction of the future of these children.

Each child can only pick a total of 4 events, with a MAXIMUM of 2 running and 2 field events.  If you pick more than 4 events, we will pull them out of the last event or events that they are registered.  Below is the events if age groups are not specified the event IS offered to all age groups.  If there is ages to the right of the event then that is the only age group or groups that that event is offered.  

Each child must have copy of his/hers birth certificate at the meet. If the DPRD Staff ask for it and your child DOES NOT have it, then your child will forfeit any event that he/she has participated and will be pulled out of the rest of the events he/she has signed up for.
Attendants, coaches, spectators, parents or persons not designated as meet officials shall not
accompany a competitor to the starting line or during a race. Any competitor will be disqualified
if, in the opinion of the judges or meet officials, he or she has in any way been aided by a coach,
teammate or anyone connected directly or indirectly with the team concerned. Such aid would
include running alongside a teammate, being stationed at various points near the track, or located
near any field events for the purpose of aiding or coaching the competitor after the race or field
event has started. The degree of enforcement shall be announced by the Meet Director prior to
the Meet.
The information below will assist you in DPRD Track & Field Games meet. This information is taken from the Official Rule Book.
1. The only restriction for participation is age. A participant’s age is as of December 31, 2018.
    A participant must compete in his/her age group and sex division.
2. Participants may not wear shoes designated for spikes. In field events, any shoes designed for turf sports are not allowed.
3. Participants may not compete in their bare feet, slippers or socks.
4. Participants may not wear jewelry, hair beads and decoration, or sunglasses (unless prescription).
5. Starting blocks are not permitted.
6.  At the District Level a participant may compete in only three events [this may be two running events and a field event or two field events and a running event] up to and including the state/provincial/territory meet
7. A participant who displays unsportsmanlike conduct will be disqualified from meet in progress and shall not advance to the next level of competition.
8. Times will be recorded to the nearest 100th of a second and distances will be measured in feet and inches to the nearest one quarter inch.
9. In the case of ties for first place, there must be a run off for the running event. In the field events the contestant with the best second throw or jump will be declared the winner.
10. Each running competitor is allowed one false start.
11. A competitor should be excused from a field event so that he/she may participate in a running event. The individual shall return to the field event immediately following the completion of that running event.
12. Lane and position can be drawn by chance or seeded.
13. The meet will be held rain or shine.
Events in each age division are:
Event Age Group
50 Meter 7-10            only                                        Best Time
100 Meter                                                                  Best Time
200 Meter                                                                  Best Time
400 Meter                                                                  Best Time
800 Meter (staggered start)                                     Best Time
1600 Meter(waterfall start) 10-12-14 only            Best Time
Standing Long Jump                                              longest distant
Softball Throw                                                          longest distant
Shot Put 10-12-14                                                   longest distant
Running Long Jump                                               longest distant
The order of events at the Local Track Meet is listed on attached:
In all track events, two false starts shall constitute disqualification of the runner guilty of the
Shot Put Rules
a. The shot shall be put from the shoulder with one hand only and the competitor shall not
allow the shot to pass behind or below the shoulder during the attempt. No harness or
mechanical device attached to the hand or arm shall be used. Taping the wrist, palm or back
of the hand is permissible. It is also permissible to tape only two fingers, provided they are
adjoining and taped tightly together. However, there shall be no connecting tape device nor
covering between the fingers and palm or back of the hand, or between the fingers and the
b. The put must be made from the circle. It is a foul if the competitor, after stepping into the
circle, fails to pause before starting his put, or touches the circle, (not including the inner face
of the stop board or the band if one is used) or the ground outside the circle, or the top of the
stop board with any portion of his or her body or apparel before the put is marked. It is also a
foul if the shot falls outside of the sector, or if the competitor, after having completed his or
her put, does not leave the back half of the circle.
c. A foul put is not measured but is counted as a trial. Measurement is from the nearest edge of
the first mark made by the shot to the point on the inside of the stop board nearest such a
d. All participants will throw the same shot put.
Standing Long Jump
a. A competitor may (1) rock forward and backward lifting heels and toes alternatively from the
surface but may not lift either foot completely from the ground nor slide it along in any
direction of the ground; (2) both feet must be parallel to each other and equal distance from
the scratch line before jumping; (3) both feet must leave the ground at the same time.
b. The jumper shall take off from behind the scratch line. If the jumper’s shoe extends over the
scratch line or makes a mark in front of it, the jump shall not be measured, but shall count as
a trial.
c. Each jumper is entitled to three jumps. Each jump shall be recorded. The contestant with the
longest jump will be considered the winner.
d. The standing long jump will be done in sand. Each legal jump shall be measured from the
scratch line or its extension to the point touched by the person or apparel of the jumper which
is nearest the scratch line.
Softball Throw
Note: Softball throw shall conform to the present rules used by Hershey.
a. Ball throwing competition may be conducted with a rubber, leather, or synthetic cover
softball, minimum circumference 11-7/8” and maximum circumference 12-1/8”, minimum
weight 6 oz. and maximum 6-3/4 oz. All participants will use the same type of ball as
furnished by the host.
b. The throw may be from either a stand or with a run-up.
c. Stepping over or on the line constitutes a foul. A contestant is permitted one run-up without
releasing the ball. Failure to release the ball on a second run-up shall constitute a trial.
d. Each thrower will be allowed three trials. The longest throw will be considered the winner.
Places will be determined by second or third place throws or jumps if the first ones is a tie
Each competitor shall be allowed three trials in the finals of all field events (two at each height in
the high jump). All state level field events are finals. All field events shall be run in a manner as
not to allow an individual to use all their tries in succession unless they were at another event and
all others have completed their tries. If they must try in succession they will be allowed up to two
(2) minutes rest between tries.
1. Shoes are mandatory for all track and field events. In track and field competition no shoes shall
be allowed that have any metal on the bottom. Shoes shall be approved by the meet Director. If
the shoes are built to use spikes, the receptacle for the spikes cannot be metal. Shoes identified as
illegal at the finish line will cause disqualification of the participant from that event.
2. Equipment to be provided by the Host Agency for GRPA Track and Field Meets shall include
the following:
a. Scorer’s table located in an area favorable to the meet officials and conducive to accurate and timely recordings and results and posting events. It is recommended that a loud public
address system be available.
b. A 6-lb. shot put.
c. Rakes, measuring instruments, and if necessary a modified take-off board designed or
marked according to regulation, but closer to the jumping pit for younger age divisions in the
broad jump event.
d. In the softball throw – six softballs are required. The specifications are: minimum
circumference 11-7/8” within a minimum of 12-1/8”, minimum weight of 6 oz. with a
maximum of 6-3/4 oz. A visible tape with the feet and inches marked on it must be stretched
on the ground to measure the distances of all competitors.
e. Standards and, if necessary, modified standards designed or constructed according to
regulations to allow jumpers in younger age divisions to jump at lesser heights than the usual
minimum of four feet found on most regulation standards, crossbars and landing pits filled
with soft material other than sand or sawdust and modified as necessary to allow younger age
divisions to reach at least the height of the landing pit in the high jump.
f. Track event equipment: starting pistols with .22 and .32 caliber black powder cartridges, one
or more whistles for the chief finish judge and starter or clerk of the course, stopwatches
(minimum six to eighteen with extras in case of malfunction), legal batons for relays and any
other necessary equipment. Optional equipment would include finish yarn, Polaroid camera,
and judges’ stand and lane indicators. (1) .22 caliber pistols will be used for starts that start
and end at the same spot and .32 caliber for all others.
1. Agency team members, including all boys and girls, should wear like jerseys. Agency boy’s
team must be dressed alike and the girls must be dressed alike from the waist up.
2. It is mandatory that team members be in uniform while actually competing in events.
(APPROVED RULING: It is conceivable that an agency with limited supply of same color
jersey could continuously exchange these jerseys prior to the start of an event, but such a practice
shall not be allowed during the conduct of an event among competitors still actively jumping,
throwing, or running.)
3. No jewelry is allowed. (A watch is not considered jewelry and may be worn) Hair beads and/or
pony tail ties with decorative balls shall be considered jewelry.