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All coaches need to fill out the background form.



In efforts to provide more education for our coaches we have become a part of USA Football.  We are one of a handful of programs from around the state that will start the Heads-Up youth program this year.  The program is for coach certification, for parent awareness, and additional education for everyone including the players.  We are making a commitment to keep our children as safe as possible.

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Dalton Parks and Recreation is pleased to announce that we have become a member of the USA Football family.  USA Football is the leader in youth football.  USA Football is an excellent source of information for not only coaches, but parents and players also.  Dalton Parks will be requiring that all head and assistant coaches be certified through USA Football and pass an extensive background check.  Only certified coaches that have passed will be allowed on the field during games and practices.  No exceptions will be made at any time.

Being a member of USA Football will provide our parents and players an endless stream of information that has not been available before.  Each parent and player can become a member of USA Football for free.  Parent and player memberships are paired for parental peace of mind. Membership tools and resources enable parents to make football safer for their player and become more involved. Parental access and oversight to a player’s account also lets parents monitor their player’s online activity and help set up their MY PLAYER’S PAGE.  It's important for parents to play a role in their child's football experience and well being. USA Football provides parent members with a Safety Checklist that includes questions, resources, and other important information every football parent should know. More importantly, the checklist includes a coach's or league's appropriate responses and learning resources for parents.  Education is the first step to help players lessen the chance for concussion. Coaches and parents should know what to look for on and off the field and encourage everyone to learn the signs and symptoms of concussion.  USA Football has up-to-date content and resources designed to help players stay safer and healthier. The health and safety resource center was developed through consultation and partnership with many of the nation’s most respected experts and leading national health and safety organizations.

Dalton Parks encourages you to take part in using the information and advantages the USA Football provides.  We believe in the USA Football program and are committing to being a member for years to come.  Thank you for being a part of Dalton Parks and letting us help you and your child enjoy the great American sport of football.

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